Ligmincha International Host Program Application Form
Thank you for your interest in Ligmincha International's non-affiliated Host program. Hosting a group has several prerequisites and is open to all who meet them. The requirements are:
1. The Applicant must have a daily practice based on the teachings of Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche as found in his books, videos and retreats for at least the prior twelve months.
2. The Applicant must have read both “Awakening the Luminous Mind,” and“Awakening the Sacred Body,” both by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche.
3. The Applicant, if living in a country in which Ligmincha is established, obtains permission from the relevant national organization.

If you meet these requirements, after filling out this form, your application will be sent to the national Ligmincha organization for review. you may take the Host Training course (pending approval of the Ligmincha organization in your country). Each national organization has the full right and authority to accept or reject any applicant, or to request additional information. Your application will be reviewed and responded to within one week. At that time, if approved, they will send you a code so that you may enroll in the Host Training course. After taking the quiz successfully and signing the agreement, which includes a code of conduct, you may begin Hosting a practice group.

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Thank you for your interest!
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