Application for the Graduate Scholarship
In 2018, the Graduate Scholarship was created to assist deserving alumni in their pursuit of an advanced degree.  This annual $500 scholarship is open to all members of Delta-Beta Chapter in good standing who are either currently enrolled in a graduate program or have been accepted to begin a graduate program upon graduation.  The winner of this scholarship will be determined based on their plans to improve themselves, their community, and the fraternity with their advanced degree.  Good luck!
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Prior Graduate Scholarship Winners
2018 - Alex Pezzino
2019 - Sal Popolillo
2020 - Joe Stingo
2021 - Mike Russo
2022 - Danny Collis
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The winner of the Graduate Scholarship should strive to engage in purposeful reflection that is informed by their graduate work.  In what ways do you intend to improve your personal outcomes through obtaining an advanced degree?  How will you ensure that you can achieve these outcomes?
Community *
The winner of the Graduate Scholarship should be actively engaged in improving his community.  Which community organizations are you involved in?  How does your work in the community inspire your desire to obtain an advanced degree?
Fraternity *
The winner of the Graduate Scholarship should give serious consideration to how they can improve the undergraduate and alumni experience for Delta-Beta brothers.  From an alumni perspective, how would you improve the undergraduate experience at Delta-Beta?  What would make the alumni experience stronger for Delta-Beta brothers?  How will you work to make these ideas a reality?
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