FinNLP, FinWeb, and FinArg Mail List
Thank you very much for your interest in FinArg and NumEval shared task, FinNLP and FinWeb workshops. Leave your name and email address, please. We'll update the related news to you.

Below are some information that you may be interested:

Ongoing Events
(1) FinArg:
(2) NumEval@SemEval-2024:
(3) FinNLP:
(4) FinWeb:
(5) From Opinion Mining to Financial Argument Mining (Free Access Book):

Past Events
(1) FinNum:
(2) ACM TWEB Special Issue:

Chung-Chi Chen
陳重吉 (Chung-Chi Chen), Ph.D.
Artificial Intelligence Research Center, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan
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