China-US Artists Connectivity Series Season II 中美艺术家连线系列 第二季
Thank you for your interest in participating the China-US Artists Connectivity Series Season II!

This platform explores a space to have conversations between Artists across the United States of America, and the People’s Republic of China to share experiences in response to the “new normal”. It is a space to think about a future that will be different for each of us.

Each session will offer a specific focus topic and be limited to maximum of five Guests, and two Hosts. The sessions to artists, producers, presenters, tech specialists, curators, students and others to participate as "observers".

Every session will be 90 mins.

We build this experience for the Guest Artists to have:
- An open space for topic based dialogue about present day topics
- Networking with Professional Artists and Arts Professionals across various generations and from industries
- Opportunities for collaboration, co-production, co-commissions
- Support systems for artists from different backgrounds and disciplines
- Strengthen cross border relationships and make some new friends

Observers have the luxury of choosing their experience. Audio, visual and chat channel communication interactivity options.
- Be inspired by innovative ideas by creative minds from PRC and USA
- Creative networking and collaborative matchmaking opportunities
- An Idea Incubator with direct interaction between Observers & Artists
- Insight into the creative process from inception, and the process of establishing collaborative partnerships

Our meetings take place on Zoom conference app. Once we confirm your participation a link will be sent to your email with instructions for how to sign up the meeting.

Meanwhile if you have any question please don't hesitate to contact us!

乒乓策划和KMP Artists的数字化艺术直播系列将包括“艺术家连接系列”,通过网络会议连接中美艺术家进行关于创作、艺术家生存环境、创作资源、社会及政策环境、艺术机构合作方式等进行对话。这一系列对话将为中美两国艺术家创造对话空间。分享“新常态”下的艺术经历并思考对每个人都必将不同的未来。每次会议将聚焦一个主题。本系列期冀建立中美地区艺术家艺术家和艺术行业建立长期联络和艺术家合作对话建立基础,在这个特殊的时期进行尝试。



- 一个畅所欲言的平台, 分享当下重要话题
- 与跨门类、跨年龄阶段的艺术家和艺术从业者们相互结识
- 未来的合作、创作、新委约的机会的可能性
- 探索行业进一步支持系统性艺术家的可能方案
- 拓展国际联络,结交新朋友 :)

- 在旁听艺术家聊天的过程中获得启发
- 参与的过程中的社交机会,结识艺术家和其他参与者
- 在互动中“孵化”新想法
- 深入了解创意创作的启发过程,有可能建立新的合作


Email address *
Your Name 您的姓名 *
What is nature of your work in Performing Arts 您的工作性质 *
Name of your organization -- please write Independent if you are self-employed 您的工作单位 --如果没有单位请填“独立”
Please provide a short introduction about yourself and your professional career (100 words) 请您提供一个简短的个人职业介绍(100字左右)
Please write a "burning question" here about performing arts in the time of pandemics 请写下一个你认为对全球疫情中的表演艺术而言“迫在眉睫”的问题
Participating Episode 选择参加的日期 *
Guests in Each Episode:
10/15 The Long Distance Relationship 与创作来一场“网恋”--疫情期间的创作
Artist bios:
Get an insight with the creative teams making works mainly on the digital platforms and in long-distance during the pandemic. How does it work? What works and what doesn't? A discourse with artists engaging in producing works with an innovative approach, and what do they see in the "trend". 以前每天在剧院里上蹿下跳的艺术家,疫情期间也和上班族一样每天坐在电脑前通过网络会议创作,好像在与创作谈一场“网恋”...我们是怎么创作的?这行得通吗?中美艺术家分享疫情期间的创作心得。
- Ashley Tata (USA)
- Jesse Appell 艾杰西 (USA/China)
- Tianding He 贺天丁 (USA/China)
- Kevin Green (USA)

10/30 Sweet or Spook
Bring us to the backstage Holloween Party with Beijing Dance Theater at Shanghai International Dance Center!
Artists TBA

11/12 Newbie and Niu Bi
How to be a newbie "Niu Bi (means awesome in Chinese)" creative worker in the year 2020. We have a mix of creative workers from new graduates to experienced makers exchanging their new venture impulsive creations as well as struggles of wondering if they are making real progress on anything.
Artists TBA
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