State of the Church
In the midst of all that's going on in our churches, we are doing an update on the current state of the churches we serve. Your insight can help serve hundreds of churches in your area. Thanks for filling out this survey!

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How much debt does your church have?
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What is your average attendance (including kids and online guests) on a normal Sunday? *
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How are you equipping your church members to win with their personal finances in this season?
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Personal Finance Small Groups
30 or 40 Day Generosity Bible devotional resources for every family to read
1 on 1 Financial Coaching For Church Members
Resources on Encourging Legacy/Wills/Estate Planning
Preaching resources for quality sermons on finances/generoisty
Help with a future Capital campaign (building, renovations, or debt)
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What is your next significant capital initiative as a church? *
When is your next significant capital initiative as a church?
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Do you and your leaders have a multi-year strategic plan for your church?
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Do you have a way to identify and disciple leaders in your church?
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What's one resource, organization, software, or tool that's helped you achieve more as Pastor/Church Leader?
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