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Niagara Falls
This is considered our large trip for the year. We will leave at 12:00 on Friday (picking scouts up from school with a parent approved early dismissal) Oct 11. For those that cannot get out of school early, there will be vehicles leaving at a later time as well.
We will drive up to a Four Mile Creek State Park in upper state New York (on lake Ontario) On Saturday we will visit Niagara Falls and the surrounding area. This may include a walking trip over the Border into Canada. We understand that Passports are not required, but we will need >>>copies of Birth Certificates and written permission<<< from each parent to bring the scout over the border for a short visit to Niagara Falls and a return within 3 hours of crossing.

>>>>Adults wishing to cross the border should bring a valid passport. <<<<

The costs for the trip are still being assembled. The troop will cover the cost of the campground and fuel for the trip.

Scouts will be expected to cover the costs of the activities (possibly boat ride into the falls).
Scouts will also need to pay for Patrol food, and should expect to need cash for rest stops/ meals on the way to and back from Niagara. (it is expected to be over 7 hours to drive)

Right now it looks like we will be returning to Marlborough On Sunday (Oct. 13) night by around 9:00.

As we finalize plans, we will provide more details on itinerary and costs for each planned event.
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