UKSM i65 Submissions
What's this? Another UKSM event?! That's right! UKSM is returning to Birmingham on 23rd - 26th of August to perform another speedrunning marathon to raise money for the fantastic Special Effect charity!

Feel free to sign up for what is going to be our second event of the calendar year! If you haven't signed up for our EGX event in October then you should also probably do that!


Are You Over 16? *
Have You Joined The UKSM Discord - *
We ask you to join the UKSM discord channel purely so we can keep in contact with you before and during the event!
Runners Name *
Please post the name that you go by on social media / Discord in this section!
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What game, category & console are you planning to run? *
Unfortunately, as we are on the show floor of i65, we won't be able to accept any submissions for 18+ games. Please keep your submissions to 16 rated games and under.
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What is your estimated time of completion? *
Please don't put your personal best time in this area! Leave a good 10 minute window at least, just in case anything goes wrong on the day!
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Post A Link To An Example Of Your Run *
Commentary isn't necessary, but would help us greatly in seeing if your commentary is appropriate for a live marathon setting!
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Which Day Would You Like Your Run To Take Place? *
If you are available on more than one day then please tick as many boxes as you would like!
How Many People Do You Want On Your Couch? *
We are being issued tickets based on how many we actually need. Please post how many people you want on your couch, to a maximum of 4!
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Is There Anything You Think We Should Know About Your Run?
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