2021 Horn Rapids Players Club
To complete your application, please bring your payment to the Horn Rapids Pro Shop. We accept cash or checks payable to the Horn Rapids Players Club.

2021 DUES
Regular (adult) membership: $55/player plus optional $5 to join the Hole-in-One pool
Junior membership: $5/player

Don't forget to pick up your voucher for a complimentary 18-hole round with cart and range token when you submit your payment!
Contact Information
The new USGA Member Profile system requires an email address so you can access your account on GHIN.com and the GHIN mobile app. In addition, your subscription to the Pacific Northwest Golfer magazine will be sent to the postal address you list below.
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For Junior members only
Junior member are defined as golfers who were 18 years old or younger on December 31, 2020. The membership fee for junior members is $5. Junior members are not eligible to participate in the Hole-in-One pool.
Birthdate (for junior golfers only)
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