GAMG Member Survey
The GAMG board is in the process of updating our brand which we plan to unveil at the 2020 conference. This update could include aesthetic changes such as a new logo and/or new fonts, or even a name change to more accurately reflect the association’s membership and mission. We would love your input to ensure we are accurately representing our membership across the state and across disciplines. Thank you for your help!
How would you describe GAMG in a few words?
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What services would you like to see for GAMG members? (select all that apply)
How important is a physical newsletter to you?
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Does your institution consider itself a gallery?
How do you primarily interact with GAMG?
Do you think GAMG’s brand is (check all that apply):
How would you like GAMG’s brand to feel (check all that apply):
How helpful have you found GAMG to be in your professional career?
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If possible, please give specific examples of how you have found GAMG to be helpful.
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Please rank how well GAMG provides the following: *
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Networking Opportunities
Job Opportunities
Funding Opportunities
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In the future, what would you like GAMG to do for you and/or your institution ?
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Would you support a name revision for GAMG?
How much do you like the following names: (ranked list )
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Georgia Association of Museums and Galleries (GAMG)
Georgia Association of Museums (GAM)
Georgia Museum Association (GMA)
Association of Georgia Museums (AGM)
Museum Association of Georgia (MAG)
Georgia Museum Organization (GMO)
Do you have a suggestion for a new name?
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Do you have any feedback, suggestions, or comments for the GAMG board?
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