Washington-Nile Parent Survey Spring '20
DIRECTIONS: Please click on the best answer choice for each question. If you have more than one child at school, only provide information on this form for the child at the grade marked for #1 below. This will provide school staff with grade specific information. THANK YOU!
Questions about this form may be directed to: Alison Sayre at alison.sayre@westsenators.org
1. My child is in the ___ grade.
(Only select 1 grade for each survey so that we will have specific information about each grade/building.)
2. My child receives free or reduced lunch.
3. My child feels safe at school.
4. Other students bully my child at school.
5. My child's classroom work makes him/her think.
6. Teachers set high expectations for my child that (s)he is able to accomplish.
7. I understand how to support my child's academic success.
8. I am treated with respect at school by teachers.
9. I am treated with respect at school by the administration.
10. My child's teachers are getting him/her ready for the next grade or for college.
11. My child gets help at school when (s)he needs it.
12. The school is a great place for my child to learn.
13. My child's teachers provide specific feedback to my child about how well (s)he is learning each skill.
14. Our school has clean & well-maintained property & facilities.
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