Spiritual Gifts Assessment
Answer the following questions according to what is presently true for you. Do not answer according to who you would like to be or think you should be.
Answer according to the following scale:

These statements are true of me:
4 - Always
3 - Most of the time
2 - Sometimes
1 - Seldom
0 - Never
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1. I thrive when I am organizing the details of an event or a project. *
2. I feel called to start and oversee a global or regional ministry. *
3. I like to design and build things with my hands to help others. *
4. I love to communicate the truth of God's word through musical or artistic expression. *
5. When I first meet someone I can accurately discern the quality of his or her character. *
6. I prefer helping someone who is having personal problems rather than sending them to someone else. *
7. I am energized when I go into non-Christian environments so I can share the gospel message with an unbeliever. *
8. I am able to trust God in difficult circumstances even when all odds are against me. *
9 - I experience great fulfillment in meeting the financial needs of people, the church and my community. *
10. I tend to notice the strangers or the lonely in a group and do whatever it takes to make them feel safe and comfortable. *
11. Whenever I hear about someone in need, my first response is the pray for him or her. *
12. It is very important to me that my opinions are backed up with facts and careful research. *
13. I love to share my vision for the future and others want to join my team. *
14. I like to provide compassionate and cheerful support to those experiencing distress, crisis or pain. *
15. I can adapt to difficult cultures easily and enjoy building relationships with foreign people. *
16. God regularly uses me to speak timely works that bring conviction or direction to people. *
17. Others depend of me to serve whenever there is a practical task or routine job that needs to be done. *
18. I really like to help protect wayward believers from influences that would undermine their faith in Christ. *
19. When I hear a teaching or a sermon, I play close attention to its accuracy and the presenter's interpretation. *
20. When a group is faced with a problem, the decisions I think we should make turn out to be the right decisions. *
21. I organize my time and projects carefully and efficiently. *
22. I want to start churches or ministry organizations that do not currently exist. *
23. I am skilled at making arts and crafts and designing things with my hands. *
24. I enjoy developing and using my creative art skills (photography, writing, drama, painting, music, other art forms) *
25. I can accurately identify deception in people. *
26. I like to motivate and inspire others to achieve their highest potential. *
27. I enjoy helping believers discover practical ways they can share their faith with unbelievers. *
28. I regularly accept God's word at face value and apply His promises to my situation without doubt. *
29. I have a special desire to steward and distribute money wisely and generously. *
30. In group settings, I go out of my way to help newcomers feel welcomed and comfortable. *
31. I regularly pray for long periods of time in response to the Holy Spirit's leadings. *
32. It is essential that I collect and organize all of the pertinent information beforeI make an important decision. *
33. I am naturally intuitive in how to motivate and lead others to accomplish God's purposes. *
34. I have great compassion for those who are suffering or in pain. *
35. I am very sensitive to what God is doing in other parts of the world and I regularly pray and think about how God can use me to accomplish His purposes there. *
36. I am active in communicating my theological and ethical positions to challenge people to change their lives. *
37. I like to do the "little things" behind the scenes so that others can minister more effectively. *
38. When I see a believer who is wandering from the truth, I am compelled to help them take the necessary steps back to the Lord. *
39. When others don't understand a scripture, they trust I will be able to explain it to them. *
40. I can frequently bring resolve and practical solutions to problems and conflicts. *
41. I can effectively schedule the many details of a large project and complete it on time. *
42. I would enjoy planting new churches and/or organizations and networking them together for the purpose of reaching those who don't know Christ. *
43. I enjoy building and crafting things so that they can be used in ministry. eg - design sets for the stage, fixing church equipment, making table or wall decorations, working with electronics/computers. *
44. I enjoy challenging an audience to understand God's truth through artistic expression. *
45. Even when others don't agree, the evaluations I have of people are usually correct. *
46. I thrive on bringing out the best in others and helping them succeed. *
47. I am especially sensitive to the roadblocks to faith of unbelievers. *
48. I frequently challenge others to simply trust God when a problem arises. *
49. I intentionally maintain a lower standard of living so that I can sacrificially give to the needs of others or the church. *
50. I see my home primarily as a place where I can minister to people in need. *
51. I enjoy asking people for prayer requests and am faithful to pray for them. *
52. I am able to clearly distinguish between teaching of scripture and an unbiblical teaching. *
53. In a group setting, when it is time to make a decision, people regularly look to me to decide what to do. *
54. I am strongly moved to alleviate the pain when I see someone who is hurting. *
55. I get excited when I think about moving to another country so that I can share the gospel full-time. *
56. when I anticipate a conflict brewing, I quickly move to confront the appropriate person with the truth. *
57. When I walk into a room and notice several odd jobs that need to be done, I feel compelled to help and get them done. *
58. I like to assume responsibility for the nurture, care and spiritual formation of a small group of people. *
59. I love to effectively share fresh insight into scripture in a way that brings about life change. *
60. Others tend to say often that I have great insight into how to solve problems and think strategically. *
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