ASB Shadow Application
Apply to shadow a board member this semester! This is a great opportunity to develop leadership and organization skills. Successful shadows will be offered a permanent position on the board for Fall 2019.

Below are the names and short descriptions for the different positions available that you can shadow. Next to the position is/are the current board member(s) in that position that you would be shadowing. PLEASE READ EACH DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY! Each position has different responsibilities so make sure you know and pick which two positions you are most interested in. We will try our best to match you to your preferred choice.

Responsible for preparing meetings as well as delegating various tasks across the board. For board meetings, I prepare a general agenda of topics to be discussed, and for general meetings for all members I create the power points. I serve as the main contact between the board and members through emails and texts as well. If any other board members need help I will also step in to help out.

Responsible for researching and planning ASB trips every semester. Towards the beginning of each semester I compile a list of possible trips including the trip’s focus, location, fees, and other relevant information which I then present to the rest of the board. After we vote on which trips to send, I secure housing for the trip and maintain contact with both the host organization and housing to make sure everything goes according to plan.


Responsible for advertising ASB events, meetings, applications, and trips to the public; designing and creating digital and paper advertisements; social media outreach; etc. During the summer before the start of the Fall semester, I am also in charge of designing and ordering merchandise for Quad Day. I choose the type of product, send in the designs, and order the final products thus making sure they are shipped on time and ready for Quad Day.


Responsible for budgeting, making payments, reimbursements, fundraising, and training trip treasurers. Anything money related, I take care of. I make a budget for all trips each year and adjust it as necessary. I handle all of the participant trip payments and reimbursements as they come up. I’m also in charge of the Maria Somma Scholarship. Additionally, I coordinate all of the fundraisers for ASB.


Responsible for educating trip facilitators about their responsibilities and preparing them to serve as leaders on their respective service trips. This includes: holding weekly meetings, making presentations, preparing weekly to-do lists for the facilitators, hosting leadership speakers, preparing leadership activities, and ensuring the enforcement of ASB rules and guidelines on the service trips. Overall, we take care of all things related to the leadership skill development of the trip facilitators, and fostering camaraderie within each service trip group.

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