Adoption Application
Spay Stokes takes our responsibility in placing homeless pets with new families very seriously. We make a commitment to our animals to find suitable homes, and to prospective families to identify a compatible pet so both may experience years of joy and satisfaction together. The contents of this application, accompanied by an adoption interview, will help to identify the type of pet that is best suited for your family. Spay Stokes may deny any adoption based on what we believe to be the needs of the pet or of the
prospective family.
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What age range are you seeking in your new pet? *
What sex do you prefer your new pet to be? *
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Does your new pet need to be good with children? *
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Please list all the members of your household including self (name, age, relationship). *
Who would have primary responsibility for taking care of your new pet? *
Do you/your family reside in *
Do you own or rent? *
If renting, are you certain your lease allows the number, breed, and size of the pet(s) you will own?
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If renting, please provide your landlord's name and number.
Are you/your spouse currently employed? *
If you are employed, where do you work?
Who will let out the dog while you are at work? *
Approximately how many hours total per day are you away from home? *
Which of the following best describes your family's lifestyle? *
How would you describe your household? *
Your new pet will spend his time being *
Approximately how many hours per day will your pet spend inside? *
Approximately how many hours per day will your pet spend outside? *
Where will your pet be kept while you are away from home? *
Where will your pet sleep? *
Where will your pet be kept when outside? *
If you have a fenced-in yard, what type of fence is it and how tall is it?
Will your pet have access to *
How do you envision spending time with your pet? *
Do you plan on crate-training (for dogs)? *
How many hours per day total will your dog be crated?
For cats, do you plan on declawing?
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Do you have any current pets? *
Please provide breed, name, age, spayed/neutered, indoor/outdoor, if vaccinated.)
Please list any previous pets owned, the breed, length of time owned. Explain why they are no longer with you *
(lost, stolen, natural causes, etc.).
Please provide the name and phone number of your current (or previous) vet clinic. *
Do you give permission for your vet(s) to be contacted as a reference? *
Please indicate which of the following situations might cause you to consider giving up your pet(s). *
Have you ever turned a pet into a shelter? If yes, please chose other and explain. *
Please indicate what you believe the cost of your new pet(s) would be per month. *
Please indicate what you believe the cost of your new pet(s) would be per year. *
Please list the name, number, and relationship of two other people to be contacted as references. *
(They cannot be family members.)
Please type your full name in that you agree that all the information above is correct. *
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