Krumit's Tale - Closed Alpha Sign-up
Thanks for your interest in testing Meteorfall: Krumit's Tale!

We're planning to launch first on Steam Early Access and as a result, our top priority for testing is Windows (distributed through Steam) in order to test compatibility issues that can arise across the multitude of PC hardware configurations. We do plan to launch on iOS / Android some time later, and we'll accept some number of mobile testers as well.

Emails are collected *only* for purposes of distributing the alpha and will not be used for marketing, newsletters, etc... The Windows version will be distributed via Steam; the iOS version via Testflight; the Google version via Google Play, so your email will be shared with the appropriate store for distribution only. If you decide you no longer wish to test, please contact me and I'll remove you from the alpha tester list.

Depending on the platform you choose, please provide an appropriate email address:

* Steam: I'll contact you via this email to send you a Steam key for Krumit's Tale

* Google Play: This should be an email I can contact you at in order to give you a promo key for Krumit's Tale, and also the email you use for Google Play so that I can add you to the closed Alpha. If you use different emails here, just supply me with an email with which I can contact you at and we'll sort it out.

* iOS: This should be the email you use for the Apple App Store

For testing, there will be a Discord channel for closed Alpha testers and this will be the best way to give feedback. Discord is recommended but not mandatory and I'll gladly take feedback via email as well.

Fair warning - as with any early game, there are some caveats. Issues like data loss of progress are possible as I refine and improve the save format (I'll make every effort to make sure this doesn't occur). Game features may be removed or changed. On the flip side, this is still early enough in the process that your feedback can make a real difference.

The original Meteorfall game for iOS / Android only achieved the recognition it did through the testing and feedback from hundreds of players in the early days prior to launch. I had a great experience working with and building that community for Meteorfall: Journeys and I'm excited to do it again for Krumit's Tale. I really appreciate your feedback!

- Eric (@Slothwerks)

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