Overhear Testers
We're collecting numbers for an Arts Council Bid and would like to know how many people would be willing testers for Overhear and its features.
So even a no would be useful if you aren't interested (we also won't bother you again)!
If you're not familiar with the app in its current state check it out on either app store. Links and more info available at www.theoverhear.app
Would you be willing to test a new version of our app? *
Thanks! Would you be available for a couple of 1hr zoom calls later in the year? *
Please check any of the following: *
We want to serve those with a varying interest in poetry, these questions aren't to vet you!
Would you be happy to test one of our new concepts through a Whatsapp group with 10-15 other folks? *
Please add your phone number if yes.
Please can we have your email? *
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