Request Done-For-You shipping email flows (FREE of Charge)
As a token of appreciation, all our paying customers can request our Bonus DFY Shipping Notification Email Flows


What you can expect:

1. We have to be granted "manager" permissions in order to be able to create the flows on behalf of you.
2. Flows will be created and left as DRAFT. You can review them and when you're satisfied with the outcome, you can ENABLE them.
3. All automation flows will start with "RUSH | " in the title along with the event/trigger used.
4. After the flows are created, we'll notify you via email for review.


What you should NOT expect:

1. We don't create campaigns, only automation shipping flows
2. This is one-off help to get you up to speed with Rush. This is not an ongoing email agency type support. You can reach professional agencies at or
3. We can't offer fast turn-around times (e.g. 1, 2, 3 hrs). Usually flows will be delivered in 24-48hrs excluding weekends.


IMPORTANT → add "" to your Klaviyo or Omnisend account as a "manager" role and we will assist you asap.
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