2019 Returning Referees Refresher
Step 1
Go to http://areferee.com/soccer.php

Select a set of 20 questions to answer.
Record the test number (eg #274).
Work through the questions giving an answer to each question.
If you score over 90%, congratulations.
If you score under 90% try again and aim to get to 90%.

Step 2
Go to http://areferee.com/soccer.php

Select a video test of 5 incidents.
Record the video test number (eg #V7).
Work through each incident and give an answer to each incident.
Attempt at least 4 different video tests and aim to get an 80% accuracy rating or higher.

If there are any disputes you have with the answers in Step 1 and Step 2, come to a Technical Session on the 2nd Monday of the month to discuss.

Step 3
Go to http://www.ghfra.com.au and sign in.

Select Library and read the 2019 Admin instructions.
Download a copy to your smart phone (or computer) or print it. Download to your smart phone would be the preferred option as you can access information at the field.

Step 4
Go to http://www.ghfra.com.au and sign in.

Select Library and read the Unavailability Instructions.
Read the section in the Admin Instructions on unavailability carefully as there are games on Friday night and after 5pm on Saturdays and Sundays. We will assume that you are available on Friday night, Saturday 8am - 9pm and Sunday 8am - 7pm unless you tell us differently. You can also the Unavailability Instructions in the GHFRA library as well.

Select Appointments then unavailability.

Enter your unavailability for Round 1 .... Friday 5 April 2019 to Sunday 7 April 2019 and any other dates in the season that you are aware of at this time.

Step 5
Answer the following questions. All questions are compulsory.

What is your GHFRA ID number? * *
Your answer
What is your Date of birth? *
Which Aref test did you complete? *
Your answer
Which Aref video test did you complete? *
Your answer
If you had an issue with a team official at a game, which member of the Management Committee would you contact? *
By what day of the week do you have to indicate dates and times when you are unavailable to referee? *
When you send a text or email to GHFRA, what MUST you include in each communication? *
If it has been raining heavily on Friday night, how do you know if the games are going to be on or off on Friday and / or Saturday?
You are at a game and a player or team official asks you for your name. What is your response?
What do I do if I have to withdraw from my appointments after 5pm on Friday night? (EMERGENCIES)
Your answer
What can a substitute or substituted player be cautioned (yellow card) for?
Where do I get help to write send off and incident reports? *
What do I do if I am sent off as a player or expelled from the Technical Area as a team official? *
Your answer
What are the special rules for Under 12 and Under 13 games? *
Your answer
Is stoppage time played in GHFA and NWSWF?
What is the exception? *
Your answer
What is the definition of dissent? *
Is it mandatory to give a player on the field a Temporary Dismissal if they show dissent to a match official while playing? *
Are Temporary Dismissals used in all NWSWF games? *
Are Temporary Dismissals used in all GHFA games? *
What is the length of a Temporary Dismissal in matches with halves of 30 minutes or less? *
When does the Temporary Dismissal Period commence? *
How does the referee signal a Temporary Dismissal? *
When can a player return to the field after a Temporary Dismissal? Select all that apply *
Can a player who is on the interchange bench or who has been substituted be given a Temporary Dismissal? *
Can a player who has received a Y3 caution and one Temporary dismissal continue playing after the temporary dismissal period? *
Is a player, who has received a Y4 caution and then 2 TD's, eligible to continue playing after the second TD period? *
Can a player who has received 2 TD's, but no other yellow cards, be replaced by another player after the second TD period is completed? *
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