C&J Resources, LLC Tutoring Registration Form
                                                        Effective August 1, 2023

Pricing and Information for Tutoring Service:

Registration fee is $35 for each child (nonrefundable) due to hold your child spot and cover the material fee.

ALL forms of payments are accepted (debit cards, visa, Mastercard) invoices are email to make payment by card, Apple Pay, PayPal (chantemyles1), Venmo (CJ_Resoursources) and Cash App (Smiley2007) and CASH. 


We can be reached at 205-523-1656/ 205.409.8377 or via email:candjresources18@gmail.com 

ALL SUBJECTS (Math, Reading, Social Studies, Science)
Grades: PreK-12th
Group tutoring
One on One Tutoring
College Preparedness
Career Placement Services
Basic College Courses (ENG 101, MATH 101 and PSY 101 and etc.)
Homeschool (K12 Program/Time4Learning Used) 

Tutoring Prices: (In-person)
$45 an hour for Pre-K-6th Grade
$55 an hour for 7th-12th Grade
$65 an hour Online Tutoring Sessions
$75 an hour for Standardized Testing Tutoring (ACT, GED) (price not including for monthly tutoring sessions)
$80 an hour for Basic College Courses  (price not including for monthly tutoring sessions)
$225 a week Homeschooling 
$850 monthly Homeschooling 
Sibling Pricing:
o 2 children additional an additional child $50
o $85 an hour 

Monthly Tutoring Prices Package: (In-person or Online):
Pre-K-6th Grade  
4, 1 on1 sessions/month, (1/week), $175/month
8, 1 on1 sessions/month, (2/week), $350/month
12, 1 on 1 sessions/month, (3/week), $520 month
16, 1 on 1 sessions/month, (4/week), $700 month 
20, 1 on 1 sessions/month, (5/week),   $770month 

7th-12th Grade
4, 1 on1 sessions/month, (1/week), $200/month
8, 1 on1 sessions/month, (2/week), $420/month
12, 1 on 1 sessions/month, (3/week), $650 month
16, 1 on 1 sessions/month, (4/week), $850 month 
20, 1 on 1 sessions/month, (5/week),   $975month 

Sibling Tutoring
Each Sibling after 2 is an additional $50
4, 1 on1 sessions/month, (1/week), $335/month
8, 1 on1 sessions/month, (2/week), $675/month
12, 1 on 1 sessions/month, (3/week), $1015 month
16, 1 on 1 sessions/month, (4/week), $1355 month 
20, 1 on 1 sessions/month, (5/week),   $1500 month 

Refund Policy: 
  • We DO NOT  REFUND for ANY missed sessions. 

  • Once academic tutoring has begun online or in-person there are no refunds. 

  • Missed sessions can be made up within 30 days of missed sessions.

  • Tutoring sessions can only be rescheduled due to inclement weather closures. 

  • A 2-week notice is required if you decide to discontinue tutoring/homeschool. Failure to give to a 2 week notice there is a $45 fee for tutoring and $100 for homeschool.

  • We do not require that you sign a long-term contract, however, we do suggest giving the process a semester to allow your child the time for growth and progress.


Tutoring sessions may be paid by the hour or monthly. 

  • A receipt for payment will be sent to the payee by email within 48 hours of payment.
  • The invoice to the payee is also considered a receipt once proof of payment is received by C&J Resources, LLC.

  • All tutoring programs are “Pay-as-go” month to month. This means there is no obligation to continue academic tutoring and there is no contract to sign.

  • The 30 day period for all tutoring programs begins with the first online or in-person tutoring session and payment will be due 30 days from the first online or in-person. session. Example: Your student starts academic tutoring on October 3rd. Therefore, your next payment is due November 3rd. 

  • After the first month of tutoring, you will receive your next “Sales Invoice” for academic tutoring services to continue for another month. We try to send you the “Sales Invoice” 1-7 days before the due date. Payment is due within  72 hours after the due date. Failure to pay within 72 hours after the due date will result in immediate tutoring sessions being canceled unless payment arrangements have been discussed with the owner of C&J Resources. 

  • Tutoring sessions DO NOT ROLLOVER TO THE NEXT PAYMENT PERIOD. You must use all the sessions you paid for within the 30 day payment cycle of the sessions.

Please call by 12:00PM the day of your session to cancel. You will be charged for the missed session in the case of a no call-no show the fee is $35.  

We do suggest giving the process at a semester to allow your child to grow and progress. The prices are a fraction of our competitors and franchised owned tutoring companies, yet we yield excellent results because our programs are customized around the student’s needs. 

Thank you so much for your support! We look forward to working with you!

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