Students in Need of Tutoring
This form is for students who are in need of tutoring.

Students can be any grade level and any subject.

Our goal is to try and connect students to high school and first-year college students who can help them. Some might also be interested in working with a pandemic pod if you have set one of those up, so be creative with it.
In order to connect, you need to fill out this form. If you have multiple students, please fill out a separate form for each one with the relevant information.

Your information will be given to students who indicated they are interested in tutoring students of that age.
After that, all contact and communication is strictly between the tutor and your student and family. This is strictly for the purpose of connecting you with someone who can and would like to help.

The school is not responsible for any issues which may arise as a result of this agreement (that has never happened, by the way, but just so everyone is aware that the contract is outside of the school boundaries).

For more information or questions please contact Mrs. King at; Mrs. Brewer at; Mrs. Kofler at; or Mrs. Curtis at
Email address *
Parent contact information: Please include the information and the vehicle you prefer for communication, i.e., preferred email, cell number (text or call), IM, etc. The students will contact you once your information is shared and then you can determine the best fit. *
What grade level is your student? *
Please record the subject(s) the student needs the most help with. language arts *
Please choose the best answer below regarding the format of the tutoring. *
Please choose the best answer below regarding tutor compensation. *
Please explain the situation. The more specific the better: i.e., I have a 14 year old girl who needs help with Algebra 1. I would like a high schooler in at least Algebra 2 if possible., etc. *
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