2022 Denver Decomp Submission for Artists & Performers [Due: 10/1]
Please fill out this form if you are interested in bringing your art or talent to Denver Decomp 2022 (happening Saturday, October 15), including performance art, fire art, interactive art, theme camps, art cars, workshops, etc.

This form is required for all, Art Placement (with or without Art Grants), Performers, and Artist's Volunteer Tickets. 

The deadline to submit this form is 11:59pm on Saturday 10/1/22

This is NOT the 2022 form for Workshops or Sound Artists or DJs. 
To apply for sound, go to:  https://forms.gle/1hCnmSPh8bnY48uX9
To apply for workshops, go to: 

Thank you for applying! We appreciate your time, talent, and creativity and look forward to reviewing your submission to co-create a spectacular and memorable event for the community!
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Your legal name: *
Add your Playa name if you like.
Name of your art project or performance: *
Your phone number: *
The Art Grant Committee may call or text you with clarification questions and to discuss any needed details.
Your email address: *
Share a brief description of your project or performance for the potential Who/What/When/Where:
Include project concept, it's potential interactivity, times, etc.
Give us a thorough description of your project or performance requirements: *
Include details like:
  • Placement needs, dimensions, structural needs, power needs, lighting needs, sound, and safety plan, etc.
  • Time schedules, set up and take down times, etc. 
  • Requested venue-provided structures, such as tables/chairs/fencing/barriers (note: the Art Grant Committee will relay all requests, though these items are not guaranteed.)
Please be thorough in your description, as it impacts our placement decisions immensely. 

Please note due to venue restrictions, we cannot hang individual art from the walls or dig any holes in the ground.
Are you requesting any discounted volunteer ticket(s)? *
If you are a performance artist, please list your preferred time slot (ex. afternoon/evening/late night), equipment needs (ex. rigging or stage requirements), fire needs, and location (ex. indoor or outdoors). 
Please know the Art Grant Committee will do our best to accommodate your needs, though times and placement are not 100% guaranteed.
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