IEEE BioRob 2018 Hardware Demos Registration
Please fill in your information below to register for hardware demos.

The afternoon coffee breaks on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be held at the demo exhibition area. The demo owners are kindly requested to spend these three coffee breaks with their demos such that the other attendees can observe them.
There will also be a special time slot allocated on the Wednesday, from 10:45 - 12:30, when the nominated hardware demos will be judged by a jury. During this special demo time slot the attendance of all the demo owners (including the non-nominees) is preferred. You are only nominated for the 'best demo paper' award if you registered for that during paper submission.

The demo area will be open to yourself and the attendees continuously during the conference, so it is also possible to spend time with the demo during other coffee and lunch breaks.

Demo set-up and storage:
The demos shown at the demo exhibition have to be put into place early Monday morning. The hardware can be left at that location, also overnight, during the whole conference; we will provide lockable storage for portable valuable parts. The demo hardware will have to be removed at the end of the conference on Wednesday.

Power usage:
Note that in the Netherlands the mains have an AC voltage of 230 Volts, at 50 Hz. The used power sockets are of type F (grounded, also compatible with C and E plugs, see We will supply extension cords, but will not supply power plug adapters from non-European to type-F plugs.
If your demo uses electrical power, please prove the peak power usage to determine if you need to be connected to a separate power group.
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