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July 2019 Books Received (published August 2019). Thank you for using this form for requesting books. Books are deleted from the list as assigned. The only books that appear on this list are those available for review; please visit for the full list of books received this month. We may take a few weeks to make decisions on requests but will endeavor to reply to you within the month.
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Volunteers should state qualifications (both in the sense of degrees held and in the sense of experience in the field concerned) and explain any previous relationship with the author or authors. Volunteers are expected to have received their PhDs. Graduate students writing theses will be considered if nominated by a supervisor (who should send an email to who agrees in advance to read and approve the review before submission. The length allowed for this field is limited; please be concise.
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Please provide the best address for mailing the book. This must be an address good for the next three months. Please try to keep your address to no more 4 lines (including your name) for shipments to the US, and please include a street address for universities and colleges. Please keep to 5 lines (including your name) for shipments outside the US. If your address may change, please indicate this so we can confirm with you. We often need to provide a phone number in order to ship packages or request shipment; please include a phone number.
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