2019-2012 RAOA Quiz #2
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Following a made basket by B, A1 secures control of the ball and exits the playing court with both feet. A1 while still holding the ball, steps over the endline, A1 catches herself over the line, steps back behind the line and completes the throw-in to A3. Is this action legal?
1 point
During playing action, a held ball is ruled by the officials. Team A is subsequently awarded an alternating-possession throw-in. A1's throw-in pass is illegally kicked by B2. What is proper action for officials following the kicked ball? Check all that apply.
3 points
Following a timeout, late (2nd- 9.1 sec) in the game, the administering official by mistake, puts the ball at B1's disposal when it was A's ball for throw-in. B1 completes the throw-in and Team B subsequently scores a goal. Following the goal by B,(2nd-3.5sec) team A coach requests a timeout for this error. How do we proceed? Check all that apply.
4 points
As B3 is attempting to complete a throw-in, late in the game, A4 reaches through the throw-in boundary plane and hits B3 in the arm, dislodging the ball. What is charged A4?
1 point
What is the penalty and throw-in location for an intentional foul?
1 point
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