Community Recreation Needs
This survey, produced and administered by the City of North Liberty's Park & Recreation Commission and department staff, aims to guide future changes to the city's park and recreation master plans.

Paper copies can be picked up and returned at North Liberty Community Center or at City Hall.

This two-section survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete.

Does the North Liberty Community Center meet your family’s recreational needs?
Why or why doesn't the Community Center meeting your family's recreational needs?
Your answer
How often do you and your family use the following recreational facilities?
City of North Liberty recreation department facilities
Other local recreation department facilities
Public school facilities
College or university facilities
Private facilities
What other recreational facilities do you or your family use?
Your answer
How often do you or your family engage in the following activities?
Baseball or softball
Soccer, football or other multipurpose outdoor fieldsports
Tennis, pickleball, basketball or other multipurpose outdoor court sports
Basketball, volleyball, pickleball or other multipurpose indoor court sports
Walking or running
Cardio or weight equipment, aerobics or fitness and exercise
Lap swimming, water aerobics or other aquatics
Leisure activities, such as crafts and other classes
What other recreational activities do you or your family engage in regularly?
Your answer
To meet demand/growth, how supportive would you be to:
Strongly support
No opinion
Strongly oppose)
Upgrading existing Community Center
Upgrading existing city INDOOR sport courts
Upgrading existing City OUTDOOR sport complex
Continue cooperative projects/use with school districts
Develop a new second Recreation Center
Develop new city indoor multi-sport field house
Develop new city outdoor sport complex
Purchase land to preserve open, green space
Purchase land for developing recreational facilities
The majority of funding for North Liberty parks and recreation departments comes from user fees and taxes. Knowing this, what options would you be supportive of:
I would support
No opinion
I would oppose
Reduce operating hours for current facilities
Fund increased costs from higher user fees with no tax increase
Fund increased costs from higher taxes with no fee increase from users
Fund increased costs through a balance of increases in taxes and user fees
Do you know the City of North Liberty has two other strategic plans related to parks and recreation?
How would you rate the following strategic plans?
I have not read this plan
Parks Plan
Aquatics Plan
Do you have any comments about the city's strategic recreation plans?
Your answer
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