Food Sharing Activities
SHARECITY is a newly established international research project based out of Trinity College Dublin funded by the European Research Council. Over the next five years the SHARECITY research team will be examining food sharing activities in 100 cities around the world (full list here and assessing their potential to contribute to urban sustainability transitions.

At this stage of our research we are reaching out to you to gather information for the open access SHARECITY database. We are looking for networks, communities, businesses and organisations that facilitate food sharing activities such as seed exchanges, food swaps, communal gardening, supper clubs, knowledge and skills sharing, and the like.

What do we mean by food sharing?
Have a portion of FOOD with another or others; [shared consumption]
Give a portion of FOOD to others; [gifting]
Use, occupy, or enjoy FOOD jointly; [shared use of space & experiences]
Possess an interest in FOOD in common; [shared interest]
Tell someone about FOOD [shared knowledge/skills]
(OED, 2014)

For more information about SHARECITY please visit, or send us an email at

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