Eco-graphics - Online International Training course
"Eco-graphics" - Draw for sustainability is an online live course taking place each Wednesday (5-8.30 pm CET) from the 11th of November till the 16th of December and the last module on the 13rd of January 2021 .

This course is for youth workers of any age active in the field of ecological and/or social sustainability from the following countries: Italy, Denmark, Spain, Latvia, France, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Germany, Finland, Hungary, Kosovo & Switzerland.

Apply now by the 30th of September 2020!

During the training you will learn:
- the basics of visual facilitation (so no drawing skills or artistic talent needed, we will start from scratch)
- the foundations of graphic harvesting
- visual collaboration tools that make working together with your team more easy, fluent and fun
- how to design a visual project roadmap
- how to use visual techniques to communicate your message
- visual tools and creative exercises to get young people involved in your project
... and many other methods and techniques!

The course consists of:
- a preparation PDF package with overview of the course and all technical details
- 6 weekly modules, each including:

* a live or video session with input and exercises on the following topics:
“The basics of visual thinking and sketchnoting”
“Building a visual vocabulary for sustainability”
“Social permaculture and visual design”
“Introduction to visual storytelling and storyboarding tools”
“Infographics and critical thinking”
“Visual tools for group work and collaboration”

* PDF worksheets and exercises (to be completed each week till the next module)

* international working groups (3-4 people) to share experience

- availability of trainers for personal support (on weekdays during the complete length of the course)
- personal feedback, mentoring and suggestions for improvement
- visual project work on a chosen topic (to be completed after the 6th module)
- closing module, 1month after the 6th module, for follow and wrapping up.

Réka Livits is a graphic recorder, visual facilitator and sketchnoter based in Budapest, Hungary.
She works locally as well as internationally and supports organisations and individuals to communicate more effectively, to cope with the challenges of complexity and to increase their impact by exploring the power of visual thinking.
As a graphic recorder she captures the essence and creates a visual summary of events and group processes through real time drawing. As a visual facilitator she supports teams to implement visual tools for collaboration, communication and planning. As a visual coach she supports the development and growth process of teams and individuals. Besides, she offers training and workshops on visual facilitation and sketchnoting.
Find out more about her work:

Valentina Cifarelli is an educator with the passion for permaculture, natural beekeeping and authentic vocation. She’s Italian and in this course she will navigate you through permaculture principles and ethics applying them to social permaculture projects.

Cecilia Furlan is based in the Jura canton - Switzerland and she is the co-founder of the Association Les Coccinelles organising this training course.

This training course is for youth workers, youth leaders, teachers, trainers and facilitators (with no age limit) from Italy, Denmark, Spain, Latvia, France, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Germany, Finland, Hungary, Kosovo & Switzerland.
Two people can participate from each country with no age limit.

All costs are covered by the Swiss Foundation Movetia.

It's required a sliding scale course fee based on the country you come from:
60 euros for Denmark and Switzerland
40 euros for Germany, France, Italy and Finland
30 euros for Spain and Slovenia
20 euros for Hungary, Latvia, Bulgaria and Kosovo

The course fee guarantees that trainers and facilitators will be available to give you personal support, mentoring and even coaching if needed, during the whole duration of the course (via online means, during weekdays). The live sessions of the training will be recorded and available after the course.

Apply now by the 30th of September 2020
Participants selection by the 12th of October
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