2020 Financial Assistance
For more details about the selection process please see the financial assistance page on the website -
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If you've submitted a talk in our system, please use the same email address.
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Please describe the costs you need assistance for. Where relevant, please include where you'll be travelling from, what kind of accommodation you'll use and an estimate for the cost of each. It's fine to use other costs that you'll incur as a reason for requesting a free ticket.
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Not including conference tickets. If you would only like a free ticket, please enter $0.
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This is your chance to tell us all the awesome things you'll get out of attending and how you'll share your experiences with others. Some of the things we look for are mentioned on the financial aid page of the website.
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Do you identify as a member of an under-represented group?
Please list any under-represented groups you identify as being in.
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This is purely for our records and will not be used to assess your application.
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