Homesharing Hawai'i Survey
Mahalo for your interest in the Hawai'i Intergenerational Network's Homesharing Hawai'i project. My name is Martha Ross. Would you be willing to take the time to fill out the below survey? It should only take 10-15 minutes.

We want to hear your thoughts about how to grow Homesharing Hawai'i to best fit with our community. Please fill out the brief survey below to provide us your valuable thoughts and input.

We are also available to meet with groups who want to hear more about Hawai'i Intergenerational Network's Homesharing Hawai'i project .

Toward the end of the survey you can check off a box to let us know if you want to learn more about Homesharing Hawai'i, or to share your home, seek a room to home share, receive Homesharing Hawai'i information and updates, refer possible home sharers (home owners or home seekers), and request a date for us to talk with your group about Homesharing Hawai'i.

Hawaiʻi Intergenerational Network (HIN) is growing the first full service Homesharing Hawaiʻi program on Oʻahu, and meeting with individuals and groups to talk together about how the program can work best in our community.

We began Homesharing Hawaiʻi 9/1/2019, and plan services for homeowners and renters to start 11/1/2019. In Hawai'i we know relationships and connections are key to healthy lives. Homesharing increases health and wellness by offering a new way to keep us connected, inspire others, share knowledge and skills across generations and end isolation. Home sharing is a way to support safe aging at home, and offer a community-based solution to provide more affordable housing opportunities.

Homesharing Hawaiʻi helps match individuals seeking housing with people who have a room to rent.

-Increased health & wellness, connections across generations are opportunities to inspire, share knowledge and skills and end isolation.
-Money saved – rent a room for a fee, chore services or combination.
-Reduced financial stress and increased security.
-Homesharing Hawaiʻi helps with: Finding home owners & seekers, background checks, introductory interviews, home sharing agreement.

You are welcome to call our Homesharing Hawai'i phone at 808-308-5291, or email us at Martha Ross or one of our volunteers will get back to you as soon as possible.

**Please fill out your answers in the survey below.

There are some general questions for everyone filling out the survey. If you are a possible HOMEOWNER or HOME SEEKER, you will find some questions specific to you, and you can skip those that do not apply to you.

The last item in the survey is for "Comments" about this survey or home sharing in Hawai'i. Please feel comfortable to share your comments. They help us know what we are doing right, and how we can improve. Mahalo for your time.
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Would you or someone you know on O'ahu be open to the possibility of sharing a home with another individual?
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If you are a HOMEOWNER, what would you see as possible reasons to share your home? Check all that apply.
If you are a HOMEOWNER, what are some reason(s) that might cause you to hesitate to share your home? (Check all that apply)
If you are a HOMEOWNER, what factors or services might make you more open to consider sharing your home?
If you are a HOME SEEKER, would you be open to renting a room in a home someone wants to share on O'ahu?
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If you are a HOME SEEKER, what are possible reasons to encourage you to live in a home with someone willing to share a room in their home for rent, chores or some combination? (Check all that apply.)
If you are a HOME SEEKER, what are some reasons you might hesitate to live in a home with someone willing to to share a room in their home? (Check all that apply)
If you are a HOMEOWNER or a HOME SEEKER, what would you look for in a roommate? Who is your ideal roommate?
As a HOMEOWNER or HOME SEEKER, what services provided by Homesharing Hawai'i would help you feel most comfortable about home sharing? (Check all that apply)
Please share any suggestions you have to assure the Homesharing Hawai'i project reflects Hawai'i, who we are, our values and how we do things differently in Hawai'i.
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