2018 Official Request for Invitation: San Diego Invitational
Below is the official "Request for Invite" Form for the 2018 San Diego Invitational. Filling out the following form will get you consideration for the event, but no spot is guaranteed until you receive an official invite from Prospect Wire. The event info is as follows:

San Diego Invitational
June 15-19, 2018
4 game guarantee

Ages Available
18U/2018 - $1650/team
17U/2019 - $1650/team
16U/2020 - $1650/team
15U/2021 - $1450/team
14U/2022 - $1000/team

Please indicate the age(s) you wish to request an invite for. *
Because space is limited, 1 team per age group only please. ***As of 2/14/2018 ALL DIVISIONS are in a wait list status. We are working to acquire additional fields. If/when we do, we will resume inviting teams.***
Please list the name of each team you are registering AND their appropriate age. (Prospect Wire uses May 1st as Summer cut off date) *
Example: Florida Superstars 18U, Florida Superstars 16U Red, Florida Superstars 14U White
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Please indicate what city/state you are based out of. *
If you have kids from multiple states, please list the states your kids are from.
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Main Contact NAME, EMAIL, CELL PHONE listed below. *
This is the person the Tournament Director will contact if you are invited.
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How many years has your program been in existance? *
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Please list the Top 5-6 players that have come thru your program & where they are currently playing now. *
These players would be kids who have gone on to D1/D2/Juco or MiLB/MLB careers. Please no more than 5-6 players max listed.
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Please indicate any MAJOR tournaments you won in 2017. *
These are Prospect Wire, Perfect Game, USSSA, USA, Firecracker type events.
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Please indicate any Top 4 finishes you had in 2017, and the event you achieved it at. *
Example: PW National Championship 3rd Place, Top 4, PG Memorial Day Classic (if you have multiple teams, please indicate which one you are referring to)
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By clicking submit below you understand that you are only requesting an invite for this event. No team(s) are guaranteed acceptance into the event by just submitting this form. Space is limited. *
If you are invited, you will receive an email letting you know.
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