Sutherland Mission/Vision Statement Input
Please provide us with your input on a proposed revision of Sutherland's Mission/Vision statement. We are asking our stakeholders to review our draft and offer suggestions and thoughts on how it reflects our school community and philosophy. Please read the text below and provide us with your feedback in the space provided.
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DRAFT of Sutherland Mission/Vision Statement
At Sutherland Elementary, our mission is to ignite and celebrate the unique brilliance in every child. We believe that children must feel safe, included and cared for in order to have the courage and vision to reach their full potential. We are committed to the power of the arts and the critical virtue of individual voice. We embolden our students through collaborative learning that fosters inquiry, perseverance and initiative. We partner with our community and parents to provide meaningful support that elevates our children to meet their highest potential. Our school community embraces the priorities of equity, inclusion, unity and love as a foundation for trusting and genuine relationships between all adults and children. Above all, we adhere to the philosophy that we #lovethemfirst in all we do.
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