SeSF: Translator Application
We are looking for help in the "translation department"!

One of the many challenges when running anything on a national level in Switzerland are the languages. As you know, we always try to offer all our content in as many languages as possible. This is true for news, announcenemts, as well as emails - sorry for this one not being in French yet btw :D Which brings us straight on topic

Time and time again we have difficulties to take care of all required translations within the capacities of our board members. Which is why with this email we reach out to you now.

Are you fluent in English and in German or French? Are you interested in helping out every now and then with translating news, press releases and other communications? If so, please fill out and submit the form below!
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In this section we ask you to provide us with information regarding your language skills. Please be honest :)
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Which translations would you be able and comfortable with to provide?
If you like you can provide a remark regarding your application as translator.
I hereby confirm, that the information provided above is correct. I understand that my application does not automatically make a translator for the SeSF. Members of the SeSF will be in touch with me as soon as possible.
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