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The SUNY Student Assembly strives to accomplish new heights each year. In order to push initiatives and create dialogue, the Student Assembly has a number of committees that students from all 65 campuses can serve on. We need your leadership to be the most successful the organization has ever been. Below you will find information on what each committee does.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion:
The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee promotes initiatives and addresses student concerns related to campus DEI. The DEI committee will engage in discussions on how to ensure SUNY is a welcoming place to study for students of all backgrounds. The Committee also researches topics for a variety of different cultures to dissolve common stereotypes and collaborates with other SUNY SA committees where appropriate.

Safety and Wellness:
The Safety and Wellness Committee will focus on issues related to safety on campus, and student health and well-being. These issues include sexual violence, domestic violence, promoting mental health, combating addiction, advocating the Title IX policy, and other relevant topics. The committee will hold discussions on campus safety issues and potential initiatives.

Student Success
The Student Success Committee (SSC) of the SUNY Student Assembly strives to create inclusive policies and initiatives that work to achieve the betterment of student success. As a committee, we work to understand issues including, but not limited to, access and transition to higher education, the impact of financial aid resources on student success, the impact of mental health on student success, using student voice to affect policy, and understanding how various student demographics experience success and failure throughout our many campuses. Through these many initiatives, the SSC is dedicated to creating a higher education system that is steadfast in eliminating the barriers to student success.

Finance and Development:
The Finance Committee shall be responsible for developing annual fundraising goals and working with the External Relations team to develop marketing strategies with the goals of cultivating funding sources and increasing business appeal of the organization.

Please continue on to the next section to identify which committees you are interested in serving on. Should you have any questions on the purpose or activity of any of the above listed committees, please contact Secretary Adesanya at
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