Open letter in Support of Student Strikers
Dear Student Strikers,

We, the undersigned, Australia’s Authors and Illustrators of books for young people, support you calling for immediate political action to stop climate change for the sake of humanity’s future.

You are taking purposeful, important and courageous action in what is a considered and thoughtful act of citizenship.

We understand that climate change, and all its ramifications on biodiversity, water and food production, is the most critical threat humanity is facing.

We understand that you are protagonists in this story.

We understand that collective action is the only way to overcome the short term and self-interested forces working against a sustainable future for all.

With this letter, we add our voices to yours, to amplify your demands of the Australian government to:

-Stop Adani’s coal mine
-Say no to all new coal and gas projects
-Get Australia powered with 100% renewable energy by no later than 2030.

We stand in solidarity, and march beside you on Friday in this your quest for a secure future.

The Australian authors and illustrators of books for young people.

Mem Fox, writer of Possum Magic
Judy Horacek, cartoonist and picture book illustrator, created Where is the Green Sheep?' with Mem Fox
Sally Rippin, author and illustrator of Polly & Buster; Billie B Brown & Hey Jack!
Andy Griffiths, author of the Treehouse series
Terry Denton illustrator of the Treehouse Books
Penni Russon, author of The Endsister
Lili Wilkinson, author of After the Lights Go Out
Ailsa Wild, author of the Squishy Taylor and Small Friends Books series
Alison Evans, author of Highway Bodies and Ida
Mary Ellen Jordan, author of Lazy Daisy, Busy Lizzie
Stephanie Owen Reeder, author of Lennie the Legend
Heidi McKinnon, author/illustrator of ‘I just ate my friend’
Lorin Clarke, author
Stephen Mushin, illustrator
Ben Hutchings, cartoonist, Squishface Comic Studio
Terry Whitebeach, writer, Obulejo - in the YA novel Trouble Tomorrow
Christie Nieman, author of ‘As Stars Fall’
Jo Hirst, author of the picture books The Gender Fairy and A House For Everyone
Lorena Carrington, Illustrator of Vasilisa the Wise and Other Tales of Brave Young Women.
Nevo - Finding Nevo
Emily Conolan, The Freedom Finders
Kristin Martin, author of To Rhyme or Not to Rhyme?
Karen Andrews
Bec Kavanagh- Stella Schools manager
Jenna Guillaume, author of What I Like About Me
Penny Harrison, children's author
Erin Gough, author, Amelia Westlake
Anne Morgan, author of The Smallest Carbon Footprint in the Land and other Ecotales
Kelly Gardiner, author of The Firewatcher Chronicles.
Alison Arnold, book editor
Dee White, author
Rachel Nightingale, author of The Tales of Tarya trilogy.
Pip Harry, Because of You
Cate Whittle author of the Trouble junior fiction series
Kate O’Donnell, author of YA novel Untidy Towns
Simmone Howell, author of Take Three Girls
Jess Racklyeft, illustrator
Alison Croggon, author
Joshua Lobb, author of The Flight of Birds
Erina Reddan author
Sheryl Gwyther, author of Sweet Adversity
Penny Tangey, author of Stay Well Soon
Zana Fraillon, author of The Bone Sparrow; The Ones That Disappeared; Wisp
Lisa Walker author of ‘Paris Syndrome’
Alice Pung, author
Andrew McDonald, author of the Real Pigeons series
Genevieve Hopkins, Author of 'The Adventures of William Brambleberry: Aviator Mouse'
Catherine Morgans
Danielle Binks - literary agent, writer and editor of 'Begin, End, Begin: A #LoveOzYA Anthology'
Heather Gallagher, author
Anna Barnes, author of Girl! The ultimate guide to being you
Daniel Gray-Barnett, author and illustrator of Grandma Z
Demet Divaroren, author of Living on Hope Street
Gabrielle Wang author/illustrator of Ting Ting the Ghosthunter
Kirsty Murray, author of Bridie's Fire, Market Blues and 20 other books for young people
Nikki McWatters, author of Hexenhaus, Liberty
David Blumenstein, Squishface Comic Studio
Emily Gale, author of I Am Out With Lanterns
Chris Miles, author of Spurt
Tania McCartney, author, illustrator and founder of Kids’ Book Review
Jodie Wells-Slowgrove, author of the Wilderness Fairies
Judith Rossell, writer and illustrator of Withering-by-Sea
Fiona Wood, author of Six Impossible Things, Wildlife, Cloudwish
Andrew Joyner, author and illustrator of The Pink Hat
Nicole Hayes, author of A Shadow's Breath, One True Thing, The Whole of My World
Aviva Reed; EON the story of the fossils
Fran Butt, Head of Library Services, Primary
Zanni Louise, author of Errol! And Tiggy and the Magic Paintbrush
Kate Whitfield, editor of books for children and young adults
Marc Martin, Author/Illustrator - A River, Lots
Julianne Negri, author, Hattie Maxwell and the Library of Lost Words
Meredith Costain, author of the Ella Diaries
Jesse Blackadder, author, Stay The Last Dog in Antarctica
David Ryding, Diretcor, Melbourne UNESCO City of Literature Office
Sue Bursztynski, author of YA novel Wolfborn
Gregory Crocetti, co-author of the Small Friends Books series
Sally Murphy, author, Pearl Verses the World
Hilary Rogers, author of the Girltopia trilogy
Kate O'Neil, 'Cool Poems'
Coral Tulloch, Illustrator/Author - One Small Island
Cass Frances, writer
Sharon McGuinness, author of Coming Home
Sharon Kernot, author of The Art of Taxidermy
Tamara Moss, author of the Lintang series
Catherine McCredie, editor
Briony Barr, co-author of the Small Friends Books series
Emma Ashmere, author The Floating Garden
Delma Corazon, illustrator
Dale Newman, illustrator KidGlovz
Sher Rill Ng - Author & Illustrator of 'Our Little Inventor'
Renee Treml, author/illustrator, Once I Heard a Little Wombat and Sherlock Bones and the Natural History Mystery
Mat Larkin, author of The Orchard Underground
Hayley Lawrence author of Inside the Tiger
Emma Sachsse, author.
Paula Stevenson, writer and freelance journalist
Bren MacDibble author How to Bee, The Dog Runner
Gabrielle Reid, author of The Things We Can't Undo
Kate Constable, author
Nansi Kunze, author of the Make the Future hands-on sustainability series
Lucy Treloar, author of Salt Creek
Jodi McAlister, author of the Valentine series
Steven Herrick. Author of 'the simple gift'
S R Silcox, author of the Girls of Summer and Alice Henderson series'
Julie Murphy, Author of My Australia
Mandy Langlois, author/illustrator/poet
Nic Gill, author of Animal Eco-Warriors
Ben Marshall - television scriptwriter
Carol Ann Martin, author of Underneath a Cow
Melissa Lucashenko, Aboriginal author. Creator of, Darcy Mango,
Lisette Drew, author
Maxine Beneba Clarke, author and illustrator
Karen Foxlee
Kera Bruton, Illustrator
Sarah Epstein, author of Small Spaces
Marion Roberts, author of Sunny Side Up and Mostly Sunny with a Chance of Storms
Susanne Gervay, author of 'I Am Jack' books
Christina Booth, author/illustrator, creator of Kip, Welcome Home, Potato Music and One Careless Night
Mark Smith, author
Neil Grant, author of The Ink Bridge
Carly Nugent, author of The Peacock Detectives
Tracy Sorensen, author, The Lucky Galah
Anna Morgan, author of All That Impossible Space
Adrian Beck
Sophie Beer, author/illustrator of Love Makes a Family
Kate Mildenhall, author
Andrew Weldon, cartoonist, author and illustrator
G.C. Madell, author
Amelia Douglas, author = fiction and nonfiction
Kate Winter-McLean, academic writer, author - nonfiction
Jaclyn Moriarty, author
Kat Colmer, author of Can’t Beat the Chemistry
Carolyn Gilpin, indie author, Facing Up
Jo Burnell
Kirsten Krauth, author of just_a_girl
Chrissie Perry. Author of Go Girl, Penelope Perfect and Blabbermouth.
Jon Tucker, author 'Those Kids" environmental adventure series.
Nova Weetman, author
Janeen Brian, author of ‘Where does Thursday go? And ‘I’m a dirty dinosaur.’
Stewart Jackel, author of Albert's Wars
Sally Heinrich, illustrator and writer.
Deborah Kalin, author
Alison Goodman, author of the Eon and Lady Helen series
Ellie Marney, YA author
Kate Rice, playwright of plays for schools
Julia Wakefield, author/illustrator of 'a Disastrous Honeymoon' , an epic poem for short attention spans.
Graham Houghton, author, 'Brass Bob'
Janine Baker, author & photographer of South Australian marine species guides for students and families
Martine Murray author The Slightly True Story of Cedar B Hartley
Liz Anelli illustrator of One Photo
Steve Heron author of Maximus

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