WindyPine Puppy Application
If you are interested in a puppy from one of our litters please fill out this puppy application.
We will contact you as soon as we can after we receive it. If you do not hear from us within a week please send an email to ensure that we received it. Thank you!
Email address *
Full Name: *
Address: *
Phone Number: *
Please describe your living situation (own/rent, single family home, townhouse, apartment): *
Please describe your yard (size, type of fencing and height of fencing): *
Please list all human members of the household (please include age of children): *
Have you ever surrendered an animal to a shelter, given an animal away or sold an animal? *
If you have please describe the circumstance:
Please list ALL pets currently living in the household and those who have in the past (species, breed, sex, age, and if they are spay/neutered): *
Do you crate train your dogs or do you plan on crate training? *
Are you willing to complete at MINIMUM a puppy kindergarten and basic obedience class? *
Do you have a trainer picked out for classes and if so who? *
How many hours will the puppy spend alone every day? *
Where will the puppy spend most of its time? *
Are you interested in a male or female? *
What kind of temperament are you looking for in your Cane Corso? *
What are your goals with the puppy? (Check all that apply) *
Are you willing to return the dog/puppy to the breeder if you can no longer keep it? *
Please list 2-3 references who can verify the suitability of your home. (Name, email address and phone number) *
You need to be your puppy's voice. There may times when your veterinarian may suggest or push procedures/vaccinations/socialization information that we feel are unnecessary or unhealthy or not for the long term well being of your pet, are you able and willing to educate your veterinarian or change veterinarians to follow our suggestions with your puppy/dog per your contract? *
Please give any other information you feel is important to tell us: *
How did you hear about us: *
Thank you for filling out our application. Again, if you do not hear from us within the week please send us an email - we get a lot of applications/emails and we are very busy with the dogs so a reminder of your application is always appreciated.
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