Happy Client Score SPAR university TUD

Nice of you to participate in this survey! We strive for happy customers every single day and therefore we are very curious about your opinion. This survey contains 10 short questions and is completely anonimous.

We encourage you to be completely honest.
Thank you once again for taking the time to participate :-)

A student-greeting,

Team SPAR University TUD

Note: Je mag de vragen ook in het Nederlands antwoorden!
1. Does our store make you happy? *
Very unhappy
Very happy
2. How hospitable do you experience our team in the store? *
Not hospitable
Very hospitable
3. What do you miss on campus in terms of food and drink facilities?
4. What do you miss at our store in terms of food and drinks?
5. What types of fresh concepts would you like to be included in our store? *
Multiple answers possible
6. How happy are you about communication in the store? *
Not happy
Very happy
7. Do you follow SPAR university on social media? *
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