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All Volunteers are expected to work Friday, Saturday and Sunday. However, we do need people to help set up and break down the event. Please let us know all of the days you can be at the event: *
*(Only if required by Dept. Head or if you are helping with tear-down and load-out)
Do you have any restrictions on hours you can work over the event weekend?
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Do you need lodging in the staff room block? (Rooms are shared with up to 3 other volunteers, and may require sleeping on an air mattress or using a sleeping bag.)
NOTE: To qualify for a room you must work **all three days** of the convention and live outside of the Baltimore/Washington DC area.
If yes, on which dates do you need lodging in the staff room block?
Do you have specific roommate request?
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(Note: Roommates must all request each other on each survey to be matched)
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If no, do you consent to be placed in a co-ed room?
Do you have any medical conditions or needs we should be aware of (i.e. mobility issues, CPAP, animal allergy, temperature sensitive medications, etc.)?
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Do you have any specific staff room requests or comments?
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Do you plan to make use of the Lido Deck (Volunteer Lounge) for food? *
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All volunteers receive an event t-shirt. Please indicate your size below
Additional volunteer shirts in THE SAME SIZE may be purchased for $15 each. How many would you like to purchase?
Do you have a vehicle and are you willing to assist in picking people up, going to the store, or doing supply runs?
Additional information you want us to know about you (i.e. who you want to room with, who you don't want to room with, etc. Note: While we endeavor to honor room requests, they are not guaranteed.)
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Disclaimer: The completion of this survey does not guarantee a volunteer spot; you’ll receive an email shortly to confirm your application submission, and once it’s evaluated you’ll be contacted by a staff member with further instructions. *
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