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You recently came to a ToGameTher event. We would be very grateful if you could give your (anonymous) feedback to improve our projects. Thank you very much as we hope to see you soon!
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Do you know what ToGameTher has to offer?
ToGameTher can : *organise board games afternoons or dinners at your place, *make children/adults practise French or English, *play Escape-games, *Team-building session during the day or after-work, *come and play with elderly and people in the hospitals, *birthdays, *baby-shower, *stag night/hen party, *fundraising and/or social event
Would you be interested in using one of the other services (excluding public events)?
All your ideas are more than welcome! (about the event, games, communication, services...) Everything will be more than useful!
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Thank you for your time and see you soon ! We would be grateful if you could support us on Facebook and/or Meet-Up and/or to spread the word!
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