Twin Cities Zine Fest 2017 Post-Fest Survey
Which events did you attend?
Which day-of-fest workshops did you attend (if any)?
How did you find information about the fest?
Choose all that apply.
If you saw posters or postcards around town, where did you see them?
Your answer
Did you feel you were able to participate in the fest in all the ways in which you would have liked? Did you hear about ways to participate before the fest actually happened? Was there information you wish you had known ahead of time?
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Did you table at the fest?
If so, how was your experience?
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We try our hardest to make zine fest as welcoming and inclusive as possible. How did we succeed? How did we fall short? How can we make the zine fest more inclusive?
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Do you know any local organizations that you think TCZF might work with in the future?
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Please let us know if you have any additional comments that aren't covered in the questions above. You can also get in touch with us by emailing Your opinion is very important to us!
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