cPDH Decklist Database Submission Form
The goal of the cPDH Deck Database (DDB) is to curate a broad selection of powerful options for competitive play. The Selection Committee accomplishes this by inviting the community to take part in a constructive and collaborative process whereby we work as a team with you to make your submission the best it can be.

Submission to the DDB isn't a milestone, its a path. When you make a submission to the DDB, you are committing to playing and maintaining your part of this community resource so that other players may benefit from and find inspiration in your work. We are simultaneously looking for folks who are committed to that effort and asking that you pass on this responsibility if you feel you'll be unable to maintain and remain engaged with your list long-term.

Please limit to one submission per user at any one time.

Our criteria for submissions are as follows:
  1. The deck MUST be intended to be played in a competitive setting with the intention of winning the game. 

  2. The deck MUST represent a powerful and unique strategy not similarly expressed by other lists in the DDB and its Commander is not easily replaced by a more powerful, in-strategy option. If the Commander or Strategy IS already represented on the DDB, then the differences in strategy MUST be explained within the Primer - which includes posting a link to the other decklists for the Commander on the DDB within your Primer

  3. The deck MUST have a Primer that discusses the intricacies of the archetype, strategy of the deck, and states how the deck wins the game. The Primer MUST minimally include the following four sections - General Strategy, Combo Lines, Cards Not Played, and Meta Considerations.

  4. The deck MUST include all obvious staples. Exceptions should be made with specific justification.

  5. The deck MUST be hosted on either Moxfield or Archidekt.

  6. The deck MUST be named using the following nomenclature - Commander - "Nickname" - Strategy (Aggro [e.g. Voltron] / Control / Combo / Midrange / Hybrid). This helps to organize the database in a more uniform fashion, helping viewers cleanly view and navigate the DDB.

  7. It is highly recommended that feature cheaper, non-foil card printings (exceptions made for white-bordered). This helps users accurately assess and compare the cost and accessibility of each deck.

  8. It is highly recommended that the list be organized by function or category beyond the specific card type with a forced default view. This helps others to quickly identify the critical pieces of combos, interaction, etc. 

Disclaimers and things that are worth noting: 

1 . Interactions between submitting parties and the DDB Selection Committee are currently being housed on the Budget Brews Discord Server. While some communication may occur off platform, it is expected the bulk of the discussion surrounding the submission will occur there.

2. We consider all submitted lists to be representations of a particular Commander, as it's built for a specific archetype. Some commanders are flexible enough to be built in different ways and we would consider those to be separate lists.

3. Once approved and added to the website, we reserve the right to remove said list from the DDB at any time, for any reason. The most likely reason for such removal from the DDB would be due to a lack of update or modification within the last six (6) months.

4. The DDB IS NOT comprehensive. If a Commander isn't listed - it does not mean it is not competitively viable.
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