Conference Improvement Survey
Thank you for completing this survey! We hope to improve our annual conference with your help.
1. Is there a specific area of practice you would like to see at this year's conference?
2. What are the main reasons you attend conference?
3. Do you plan on attending the 2018 conference?
4. Would you be interested in attending a "Saturday Social Hour" (with cash bar) at the end of the conference?
5. Was going paperless (no handouts provided or conference schedules) satisfactory to you?
6. What functional skill would you like to see presented? Examples: cognitive interventions, physical manipulations, NDT, supervision, documentation, kinesiotaping, ...
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7. Have you heard of a new or cutting edge practice that you would like to learn more about?
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8. Do you know of someone that might be a good presenter?
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9. Is there a session from a previous conference that you would like to see repeated or expanded?
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10. Do you have any suggestion for making future NMOTA conference more successful and meet your professional growth needs?
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