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This form asks you about your organization and the events you are planning. It also asks for information that will help us connect you to local elected officials and other hosts. You will be able to make changes to this form even after you submit it!

Unless you opt-out, your organization and event will be listed on WebbTelescope.org. Hosting organizations will be on a map, and events will be listed in chronological order. We WILL NOT include your name, phone number or email on the website. If you do NOT wish to be listed publicly, you can choose that option below.

This form is collecting emails, but it DOES NOT have to be a Gmail address. You can use your usual address to register. You will be able to edit your responses later; just use the link to this form.

Contact Name *
What is your name?
Phone Number *
What is a good phone number to reach you during business hours?
Organization Name *
Organization address *
Please provide a physical street address location for your organization. Please include ONLY the street address in this field, not the city, state, or zip code. If you choose to display your event publicly, your organization will appear on a map on a public website at this location. You may change this location in the future as desired by updating this form.
Organization City *
Organization State or Territory *
State should be listed as abbreviation (i.e. MD for Maryland). American territories are abrreviated as follows: American Samoa (AS), Guam (GU), Puerto Rico (PR), Northern Mariana Island (MP), US Virgin Islands (VI). If you are an international host, we will make arrangements for you to be included on another international map.
Organization Zip Code *
Safety Plan *
Do you have a safety plan in place for any in-person events, especially related to COVID-19 precautions?
Are you interested in being contacted by NASA's Office of Legislative Affairs to assist the participation of a local elected official in your event(s)? *
Are you interested in a forum (e.g. a communications platform) where Community Event hosts can discuss their event plans with one another? *
Do you plan to build your event(s) around any of these SME panels? *
Please list, if applicable, a webpage to which you would like to direct members of the public who are interested in your event(s):
Social Media
The next several questions ask about common social media platforms that can be used to direct members of the public to your event(s) or in social media campaigns. Please share links to social media you feel comfortable advertising to general audiences.
Facebook page
Twitter page
Instagram page
Other URL relevant to your organization?
Would you like public promotion? *
Would you like your site and events to be listed on the public website? If you choose 'No', you are still part of this project and our team!
Evaluation participant? *
After the completion of your event(s), would you be willing to fill out an evaluation form, providing feedback on how Community Events could be improved?
Do you have an event to add at this time? *
If you have any event specifics you would like listed on the public webpage, the answer should be "yes". The public map can still show your organization location without an event, but the event table will not display event specifics without a "yes" answer.
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