Temple Arts Level 2 Practioner Training Application

Thank you for your interest in the Temple Arts Level 2 - 9 month Practicioner Training. Please note that one must have successfully completed Level 1 of the Temple Arts Training in order to be eligible to apply for the Level 2 Training.

We're now accepting applications of interest before official program details are announced this Fall.

Email: templeartsvictoria@gmail.com for support or questions

With love, Phoenix Amara
Founder of Temple Arts
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Do you have any experiences of sexual trauma, abuse, or sexual pain, health concerns that should be known or would potentially impact your ability to drop into this immersion? (please note everything shared here is strictly confidential and only for me to know of - should we connect in an interview? Any information will not be shared/discussed with anyone else). *
Sexual Orientation/Relationship Status/Gender Orientations/ Acknowledgements (please check all that apply). This is optional.
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Thank you for applying! All applicants will be contacted by email this summer with more details on program registration requirements.
Sincerely, Phoenix Amara | Founder of Temple Arts
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