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What if the WWF and the governments around the nation had hyper precise real time data on every individual animal facing extinction? What if every transport ship that delivers your goods or every flight you boarded knew the safest and most time efficient path to take in real time? What if you always had access to the best routes in the events of traffic or inconveniences like flooded roads? Democratizing hyper precise data in real time. This is the Syfly vision.

Obviously this requires large amounts of data being collected from massive areas, all at real time. Quite a challenge. However, with our tool of choice, a fixed wing drone capable of flying at 120km/h for flight times longer than 2 hours, this becomes a lot easier. Inside the drone, a modular platform is held containing sensors capable of performing a multitude of measurements, anywhere, anytime. This prototype, currently being used in partnership with the CSSF to identify the health of crops as well as the tracking of animals in farms multiple of acres long, is the beginning of our journey. The next step? The weather. Syfly is currently working with the KNMI to better the real time weather data in the Netherlands.
One step at a time, our team of 16 dedicated and diverse students are currently looking into ways that are efficient both environmentally and logistically to realize our long term vision. What if we could build a platform that can stay in the air indefinitely? Where can Syfly make a difference? How can we go to the next step? These are questions we at Syfly are constantly asking and working towards.Are you interested in drones? Technology? Networking? Business and administration? Making a difference? If so, Syfly is the team for you.
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