The Age of Enlightenment Advanced Organizer Submission Form
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1. Which term best describes the following definition: an 18th Century European movement in which thinkers attempted to apply the principles of reason & scientific method to all aspects of society and government. *
2. The Age of Enlightenment was also known as? *
3. Which of the following came before the Age of Enlightenment? *
4. During the Enlightenment, thinkers began to question which of the relationships below? *
5. Thinkers who questioned the relationship above during the Age of Enlightenment were known as? *
6. As a result of the Enlightenment, countries began to move away from which form of government below? *
7. The Enlightenment encouraged which of the following? *
8. Which of the following individuals were Enlightenment thinkers? *
9. From the passage, what is an important similarity between the way scientists were thinking during the scientific revolution and the way philosophers were thinking during the Enlightenment? *
9. From the passage, Which of the following was not a question asked by the Enlightenment thinkers? *
10. From the passage, Which group of people gained economic power and pushed for political power? *
11. Copy and paste your work in the Advanced organizer from question 4 - 9 and paste it into the box below. *
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