Radical anti-choice activists Operation Rescue/Operation Save America will be descending upon New Orleans beginning July 19, 2014. For a week, they will be harassing and intimidating patients, providers, and the public in our community. The Louisiana Coalition for Reproductive Freedom (LCRF) and other community activists will serve as clinic escorts and legal observers to ensure safe access to the clinics.

The New Orleans Abortion Fund, a member of LCRF and the National Network of Abortion Funds, is a community-based 501(c)(3) organization rooted in social justice, with the purpose of challenging socioeconomic inequalities by providing financial help to women who cannot afford the full cost of an abortion. We need your help to guarantee health care access!

In response to the radical protests, we are proposing that NOAF supporters "pledge-a-protestor"! Sign up below, pick a pledge amount (even $.01 per protestor!) and we will email you next week with the number of radical anti-choice activists who came to harass our community that day. Donations/pledges - whether flat donations or pledges - are gratefully accepted through PayPal ( or by mail (PO box 770141, New Orleans, LA 70117).

Thank you for your support!

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