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Wominjeka to the T.I.M.E. family!

T.I.M.E focuses on creating a love of music for life as a listener, performer and creator! We love collaborating, creating and providing our T.I.M.E. students with real industry experiences. The Instrumental Music Staff at TPS are highly trained, enthusiastic, supportive and experienced educators.

Music is an important aspect of life at TPS and for your child’s development; the benefits of an instrumental education are many! Music provides children with important experiences that can help them develop physical coordination, timing, memory, visual, aural skills, language skills. These lessons provide an opportunity to develop self-paced learning, concentration, and heightened personal and social awareness.

We offer piano, violin, viola, cello, guitar, bass guitar, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, drum kit, voice and ukulele. Students are not encouraged to learn the larger wind instruments until year three or they are physically developed enough.

We look forward to making music with your child!




STRINGS: Violin, Viola, Cello
GUITAR: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar,Bass Guitar
WOODWIND: Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone
BRASS: Trumpet,Trombone
Tuition Fees: Fees $40 Length: 30min lessons

The fees set down apply to all students. The fees are based on those recommended by the Victorian Music Teachers Association.

Music fees will cover all types of lessons, including occasional group lessons or ensemble work, at the teacher’s discretions.



$13.50 (groups of 3), $20 (groups of 2) and $40 (solo lessons)

A range of ensembles are offered at TPS at no additional cost.

Students are not encouraged to learn the larger wind instruments until year three or they are physically developed enough.
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Lesson routines:
Your instrumental teacher will pick up child from their classroom and take them to their lesson each week and provide you with regular feedback.

These will be handed to students at the commencement of each term. All fees are due and payable within two(2) weeks of receipt, unless a prior arrangement has been made. Please note that your remittance is to be paid directly to the teacher and NOT to Thornbury Primary School.

There is a $20 levy for late payment of fees unless a prior arrangement has been made.

Missed Lessons:
If a lesson is missed because a child forgets, the lesson will be charged. Although the teacher will try to locate the student, it is the students responsibility to remember his/her lesson time. Please note that the music teachers at TPS must make every effort to collect their students from classes.

If students are unable to attend their lesson, 24 hours notice should be given to the Instrumental Teachers, or in the case of sudden illness, the school office or Instrumental Teachers should be contacted by 8.30am. No guarantees can be made to make up single lessons missed through illness, although every effort will be made for such lessons to be

Teachers must be notified of these at least one week in advance by the student or parent to enable rosters to be changed. If sufficient notice is not provided, and lessons cannot be rescheduled, these lessons will be charged. Please note that although every effort is made by the school to notify instrumental teachers of these events, students must also confirm that they will be absent on these days.

Extended Absences:
If a family is away on extended leave, or a child is absent due to an extended illness, half fees will be charged to maintain a place in the music program for the student.

Class Tests/ Special School Activities:
If the music teacher is notified of this in advance by the student or parent before the start of the day’s teaching every effort will be made to change the lesson time. If the teacher is not notifies before the start of the days teaching the lesson will be charged. Please note that every effort will be made by class teachers to notify music staff of testing and special school activities.

Compassionate Leave:
In the case of an emergency, where notification is not practical, the lesson time will be changed or made up. However, it should be noted that where possible notification is preferred.

Termination of lessons:
If lessons are discontinued at the end of a term, the School requires notice in writing (from a parent/guardian) by the second last Monday of each term. If notice is not received in due time, a half term’s fees are payable. Should a student discontinue lessons during the course of a term, the full terms’s fees are payable.

The Instrumental Music Coordinator reserves the right to exercise discretion in the above circumstances.

An important aspect of a musical education is ensemble work. Playing and learning with ones peers is a great way to develop theoretical, rhythmic, part work, tuning and phrasing skills. A fortunate benefit of learning an instrument in a school environment is that when students need to work on these skills, group lesson can be held for the benefit of the child, with the child’s instrumental teacher. Although single lessons are essential for thorough musical attention at TPS, the benefits of occasional group classes provide your child with an invaluable masterclass experience. When your child’s instrumental teacher believes it important as part of your child's musical development to hold a group lesson, your support is strongly encouraged.
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