Girls Rock Campaign Boston Volunteer Staff Position Information and Application: Curriculum Development Team Member

Thank you for your interest in applying for a Volunteer Staff position with Girls Rock Campaign Boston!

Curriculum Development Team Member:

If you have volunteered as an Instrument Instructor for Girls Rock Summer or Ladies Rock Camp Sessions in the in the past, then you know that the key to having a successful session is strong lesson planning and organized preparation within your instructor group.

Girls Rock Campaign Boston is looking for a person to help our Director of Music Curriculum organize the curriculum from the past five years, collect/research new curriculum, and work with instrument instructors during lead up and during each session.

Time commitment would be:
· 1-3 scheduled meetings during the year
· Attend and help facilitate Instrument Instructor pre-session curriculum planning meetings
· Attendance at Music Instruction Orientation (usually in June)
· Active participation in planning during the month leading up to the Girls and Ladies Sessions.
· Periodic check in with instructors during sessions (Phone, Email, or In Person)
· Post Session meeting, one week after each session has ended, to discuss how everything went!