YACS Volunteer Mandated Reporting Quiz and Signature Sheet
After reviewing the Mandated Reporting slides, please fill out the following information and answer the quiz questions below.
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Quiz Questions
When a suspicion of child abuse/neglect arises, it is your legal obligation to report immediately, even if you are not completely sure that maltreatment has occurred. What is the time frame to report? *
You have the right to remain anonymous. *
What are the four types of child maltreatment? *
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When a child discloses to you, all of the following responses are acceptable EXCEPT: *
I can make an online report through the... *
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I can also call in a report at... *
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Mandated Reporting Completion
By completing and submitting this form, I hereby agree to comply with regulations surrounding mandated reporting and understand my legal obligation to report any suspected abuse.
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Please remember...
If you suspect abuse and feel comfortable making the report on your own, go ahead and do so. If you would like support, the counseling department is happy to assist you in making a report to DCFS. Please contact us with any questions.

Carly Rogers, LCSW Mary Speed, PLPC Amy O’Brien, CSW
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