Bloomfield Public Library Service Questionnaire - Strategic Plan 2019-2021
The Bloomfield Public Library is conducting this survey to help it formulate a 3-year strategic plan for the years 2019 through 2021. The survey is brief but important, as it gives you, a member of our community, a chance to relay your feedback, observations, and suggestions to us. The survey should take 5-10 minutes to complete. Giving us your name and phone number is optional; if you provide that information, you will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a prize - our way of thanking you for taking part in this project.
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Address and Phone
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First, please help us determine our demographic range by providing the following information about which age-appropriate services you or your family use at BPL. (Select multiple responses as needed) *
Are you responding individually or on behalf of others as well?
Do you have a Bloomfield Public Library card? *
How often do you visit the Bloomfield Public Library? *
When do you most often visit the Library? *
What are your main reasons for visiting the Library? *
Did you find what you were looking for on your last visit to the Bloomfield Public Library? *
BPL is open Mon-Wed 10-8, Thu-Fri 10-5, and Sat 9-5 (closed Saturdays in Summer). Do you find the Library’s open hours and regular schedule of programming satisfactory? *
How would you rate each of the following library services? *
Customer Service
Public Computers/Wi-Fi
Hours of Operation
Inter-Library Loan (BCCLS)
Library Policies
How important are each of these library services to you? *
Very Important
Somewhat important
Not Important
Reference/Research/Genealogy Assistance
Meeting Spaces/Study Rooms
Public Computers/ Wi-Fi
E-Book/Audiobook Downloads
How do you most often find out about BPL services and events? (check all that apply) *
Overall, do you find communication about happenings at the BPL to be sufficient for your needs?
Which of these eServices do you use? *
Yes, I use it
No, I don't use it
I've never heard of it
Libby/Overdrive (ebooks/eaudiobooks)
Zinio/RBDigital (magazines)
Rosetta Stone (language learning)
Overall, how would you rate your satisfaction with the Library? *
What type of additional services would you like to see offered at BPL? *
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Overall, do you find the available space at BPL satisfactory for your effective use of the Library? For example: tables and comfortable seating space, browsing space between shelves, general space for interior movement, availability of public computers, power outlets, etc. *
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Are you comfortable during your general use of the BPL? For example: space considerations as above, welcoming and helpful assistance, acceptable noise level, etc. *
We have one last question. If you were to help us by participating in further BPL Strategic Planning public input opportunities, which format would you most enjoy?
Most Comfortable
I'd consider it
Not likely I'd participate
Further Questionnaires
In-Person Workshops (weeknights)
In-Person Workshops (weekend nights)
Committee Membership
One-Time Focus-Group Event
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