Monarch Conservation Webinar - Urban Monarch Butterfly Conservation
This form is no longer accepting responses, but you can still join the webinar using the instructions below.

To join the event as an attendee

We recommend joining the meeting at least five minutes before the meeting is scheduled to start!

1. Go to

2. Click "Join Now".

3. Under audio connection, select "call me", then select or enter your telephone number. You can select "I will call" using the number provided but there will be a toll charge instead of it being a free call.

4. Click on the green "Connect Audio " button.

5. Do not close your screen. Just before the event starts, you will be called by WebEx. Answer the phone call from WebEx and follow their directions.

6. Follow the visuals on your screen and listen through your phone. Please make sure you have your phone on mute and NOT “hold”.

7. If you have any problems connecting – please contact your host, NCTC WebEx Host 9, by sending a message to

** Can't seem to join the event? See what may be the problem:**

We look forward to your participation!
MJV/NCTC Webinar Team
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